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Mark Show Server

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Mark Show Server

Mark Show server one of the best servers for resllers.

Mark Show server is profitable for resellers only.

Mark Show server has 6 Mobil Apps on Google Store.

The Most Important channels sources are local stream.

All Channels has diffrent sources and backups.

Resellers gets free of charge CPanel , resellers can isuue accounts 1 , 3 ,6 Months and annual accounts.

Resellers CPanel has no expiery date.

Resellers can issue test accounts for 1 or 2 hours through the Mobil APP, works with receivers , TV and Mobile APPs.

Resellers can assgin  resellers.

Mark Show server inlcudes 14-15K Channels , always updating.

Mark Show server includes 500 TV Show and 8500 VODS, always updating, ( Note) you can order specific Movie or TV to be added.

VODS library includs most of the Important language , English, Russain, French , Spanish , Italian, Asian….etc.

Could add any requested channel, or New Channels in the future.

Mark Show server has in brief America (North – South ), Europian , Asian , Arabian channels and Sports Channels and more.


Questions :

How do i subscribe on Mark Show Server?

You can order throgh the website and contact us on whatsapp No. +1 213 284-9099.


There is any customer support?

Yes, there is, throgh Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Mark.Show.4/,

Please note we are answering all clients on Q.



1 review for Mark Show Server

  1. dreem1800 (verified owner)

    Thank you for a good deal

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